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Cloud Recording with support upto 1000 participants.

Cloud recording allows you to record your ongoing meetings using our javascript SDK. You can watch and share links of recorded videos. You can also download recorded video in MP4 format.

Arjun Kava-February 18, 2021- 1 min read
Cloud Recording with support upto 1000 participants.


We are pleased to announce that our Meeting Recording API is now available in Zujo Now Cloud SDK. This API allows you to record Zujo Now calls and meetings.

It supports end-to-end encryption of recordings and everything will be stored on ZujoNow cloud. It provides simple 5-10 lines of code to integrate cloud recording in your application.

How To integrate Cloud Recording

Step 1: If you had not previously started with Zujo Now, first start your trial, add our SDK in your app and integrate the meeting SDK.

<script src="https://sdk.zujonow.com/zujo-sdk-2.0.0.min.js"></script>

If you are visiting Zujo Now first time, start your trial. and visit our documentations.

Step 2: Initialize meeting and set callback URL to get trigger once recording has been initialized from the server.


Step 3: To stop recording just call one liner function.


Step 4 (optional): To announce the start and stop of meetings, listen for recording start and end event emitters.

meeting.on("recording-started", () => {
  // 🔴 notify all users of recording start
meeting.on("recording-stopped", () => {
  // ⚫ notify all users of recording end

Step 5 : Push the code and deploy, easy peasy.

cloud meetting recording

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For more information, see our documentations

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