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Thank you 🙏, Sal Institute for sending us Letter of appreciation.

We are thanking Sal Institute on behalf of whole Zujo Now Team.

Arjun Kava-January 27, 2021- 2 min read
Thank you 🙏, Sal Institute for sending us Letter of appreciation.


As per our last 3 months of study, Most of the large Institute's are usually using general web conference tools to take online classes. Although, It is good solution for taking online classes but not for taking alumni talk with more than 1000 students. This was the exact pain-point of the Sal Institute and that's where Zujo Now Webinar Solution came in picture for them. The

With the collabration, we took their alumni talk on meet.zujonow.com with more than 1000 students around the globe. After that successful talk, Sal Institute has sent us letter of appreciation. After

We are really thankful to Mr. Bhupendra who believed in Zujo Now.

Letter of Appreciation

To, Arjun Kava

We express our sincere appreciate for your contribution in providing an online platform for conduction of First Alumni Meet of SAL EDUCATION CAMPUS on 10th January 2021 organised by SAL EDUCATION CAMPUS, AHMEDABAD for the passout students of SAL EDUCATION CAMPUS.

We appreciate the cooperative spirit and the attention to online event that enabled us to streamline the entire process of in order to achieve success and to meet our goals.

The students and faculty members were immensely benefited from this event. The institute feels proud to be in contact with your esteemed organization and we took forward for further support to trigger the interest and innovative abilities of our alumnus.

We tool forward to similar event in future in our institute so that alumnus gets an enhancement in their knowledge in upcoming futuristic technologies. We would look forward to collaborate with you for future endeavors.

You are a a valued member of our team, and truly appreciate your contribution.


Congratulations to Team

I would also like to thank Zujo Now Team for their contribution and efforts. It would not be possible without their hard work.

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