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Launching Zujo Now: A Simple Video Calling SDK Making Integration With App/Web Simpler

We are launching a revolutionary video calling SDK that enables developers to achieve communication features in mobile and web app 3X faster. Get 500 minutes of free access.

Arjun Kava-January 06, 2021- 2 min read
Launching Zujo Now: A Simple Video Calling SDK Making Integration With App/Web Simpler

2020 was a crazy year - with everybody looking for an alternative for everything!

  • Schools were looking for alternatives to teaching methods.
  • Businesses were looking for alternatives to their business models.
  • Enterprises were looking for alternatives to their long business processes.
  • IT companies were looking for alternatives to costly technologies.
  • And developers were looking for alternatives to popular yet complex video calling SDKs.

What is Zujo Now?

Neither a life-changing innovation nor another project management tool, Zujo Now is the simple video calling SDK that makes developing video calling apps simpler!

It enables developers to build engaging and scalable video calling experiences without writing complex and lengthy code.

Zujo Now is the best alternative to WebRTC which lacks some basic features such as adaptive video calling, low bandwidth consumption, iOS support, large meeting size support, etc.

Zujo Now is also the best alternative to other very popular video calling SDKs which are very complex and costly to implement.

Why did we engineer Zujo Now?

The vision was pretty straightforward - we wanted to have a communication SDK that is very easy for developers to integrate with any mobile and web application.

We also aimed to not only deliver the video calling experience but also the engaging video calling experience where participants can collaborate - and not just communicate.

Additionally, we wanted to deliver unique video calling features at a very affordable price tag that no one has yet dared to deliver.

And we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve successfully accomplished it.

Features that differentiate Zujo Now

Zujo Now is equipped with some exclusive and very useful features that take the video calling experience to the next level without making you burn your pocket.

  • Enterprise Video Call and Chat
    Companies working remotely or handling remote clients can connect with teams and clients rapidly with Zujo Now.
  • Customer Support and Engagement
    With our video call queue, achieve a higher rate of engagement in support calls.
  • Online E-Learning
    Live learning programs can be fun and engaging with a built-in whiteboard, social media streaming, and chat support.
  • Webinars and Meetups
    Arrange a webinar or meet up with more than 1000 viewers.
  • Online Campus Hiring
    With a built-in code editor, it is easy and hassle-free to take live coding interview tests.
  • Social Video Calls
    Real-time video filters make group call or one-to-one call through social media platforms a unique and fun experience for users.

Why did developers like the Zujo Now - during the beta launch period?

Zujo Now has been developed by developers, for developers. Thus, we’re successfully addressing all the real pains of the developers!

All popular video calling SDKs come with terminologies and documentation that are not easy to understand and implement. As a result, developers need to invest more time in achieving a video calling feature on the mobile or web app.

These SDKs also cost high and provide some complex features which need to reconfigure while integrating API. We successfully eliminate all these pain areas of developers.

With easy documentation and terminologies, developers can get the integration done within minutes and much faster than other video calling SDKs. This results in a fast development cycle which eventually reduces the app development cost.

As if this is not enough, the developers can directly call our team and get live instant help.

Zujo Now launch offer - Get 500 minutes of free access

Yes, you heard it right. We are giving 500 minutes of free access to Zujo Now to everyone - struggling to have winning virtual meetings. This includes demo, SDK, and premium support.

Fill this form or request a demo directly via arjun@zujo.io to get Zujo Now free access.

(There are no hidden terms and conditions and we won’t ask for any card details!)

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