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Launching Zujo Now Webinar: A video calling webinar SDK that supports more than 1k participants

We are launching a revolutionary video calling SDK that enables developers to achieve communication features for larger meetings. Get 500 minutes of free access.

Vaibhav Surana-January 20, 2021- 1 min read
Launching Zujo Now Webinar: A video calling webinar SDK that supports more than 1k participants


As a developer, I know how often we require whole organizations to communicate on a weekly basis for staff meetings, training and also for happy hours. It all started when we developed our in house solution for taking one to one and group meetings but it wasn’t supporting features to take larger meetings.

With more people, we were required to take larger meetings. That is when we started working on webinar sdk. As we launched our developer sdk for one-to-one and group meetings, Now it is time to launch zujonow webinar sdk.

ZujoNow Webinar SDK

ZujoNow Webinar SDK comes with built-in features like

  • Javascript SDK
  • Support of more than 1000 participants
  • Public and Private webinar support with custom authentication
  • Custom UI development
  • Listen to active speaker and presenter
  • Record your meetings
  • Mute and Unmute participants
  • Switch to HD/SD automatically and manually

At present, we are using the SDK in house for our conferences, training, employee and customer onboarding, product demos etc.

I would appreciate it if you can share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions in comments. This will help us to further improve this SDK to help you with developing amazing products.

You can start using the product for free and take 500 minute of meetings every month. For the PH family we will give a 20% extra discount till 31st Jan.

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